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Selected vineyards on the Glasnevin soils

We source our grapes from carefully identified rows or selected parcels of fruit within the vineyards of our selected winegrowers, looking for well set up and established vines, balanced crop yields and full fruit ripeness. We work closely with our winegrowers throughout the growing season. We carry out site visits, discuss any seasonal issues, and take fruit samples for testing and analysis prior to harvest. We also oversee the harvest from each of the individual vineyards we source our grapes from. As the Glasnevin soils tend to be of relatively low vigour, crop levels can be readily controlled and managed. The expected yields for all our varieties is in the range of 5-6 tonnes per ha (2.0 – 2.5 kgs per vine).

Building strong relationships with our winegrowers

Building a close and respectful relationship with our individual winegrowers is one of the core values of the Glasnevin brand. From our 18 years of experience in viticulture we’ve learned that hard work and commitment in the vineyard always comes first, so we really want them to be on board with us as we keep growing the brand. All our growers work with sustainable winegrowing certification (SWNZ).


GLASNEVIN WINES | M: +64 27 443 4335 or +64 21 0278 9984 | E: info@glasnevinwines.co.nz