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To better appreciate the intricacies of wine we need to know something of the geology and soils of a region where a particular wine is grown and produced. The soil imprints its own character on a wine’s flavour and structure.

The Glasnevin brand identifies with the Glasnevin soils of the Waipara area. These are deep loamy and sandy gravelly soils formed from Waipara River alluvium, derived from the greywacke mountains and local greensands. This combination gives these soils a special character. It is from these soils that we exclusively source our grapes.

Why are we so passionate about the Glasnevin soils?

Because, they provide a superior winegrowing environment based on the following factors:

  1. low to moderate fertility, and low vigour
  2. they are free draining soils with unlimited aeration in the root zone and unlimited potential rooting depth
  3. crop levels are naturally lower which results in greater flavour concentration in the finished wine
  4. the wines have a minerally component to them which gives added complexity
  5. they are ideally suited to the production of premium aromatic white wines and elegant Pinot Noir

Our Glasnevin wines speak of a specific terroir. They illustrate the connection between the wine in the glass and the land the vines spring from. These are wines with delicate aromatics; elegant structure; underlying complexity and impressive weight and length on the palate.


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