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Glasnevin Wine Estates is a family owned and operated wine producer established in 2005. Ben Johns is the director of the business and his father Barry Johns is the General Manager. The impetus for establishing the Glasnevin brand was borne out of a recognition by Ben and Barry of the outstanding quality of the fruit they were able to achieve off the Glasnevin soils with which they were so familiar. With their extensive experience as winegrowers on the south bank of the Waipara River, dating back to 1994, Ben and Barry saw an opportunity to establish an exclusive new wine brand at a time when the wine industry in New Zealand was in a bullish growth phase. The intension, from the outset, was to produce a ‘ limited release’ range of three aromatic white wines and also a Pinot Noir, for the fine wine market. This goal has been achieved with our current range of wines and will continue to be our business mantra in the future.

The Glasnevin brand name is seen as being integral to who we are and speaks of our place in the Waipara Valley wine region. The Glasnevin name is compelling recognition of the soils from which our grapes are sourced and which enables us to consistently produce outstanding wines. It is also a tribute to the Celtic origins of the name Glasnevin; from the Irish Glas Naeidhe, meaning the stream of Naeidhe.

Our debut wine was the Glasnevin 2007 Pinot Gris, which we released in 2008, to wine writer acclaim. Successive vintages since that time have maintained the outstanding quality and reputation of the full range of wines produced under the Glasnevin label.


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